Red Hot and Rated 2018 Guide

Grenache & Blends

By Halliday Promotion

1 Sep, 2018

The wines featured in Grenache & Blends is a clean sweep by South Australian vineyards. All of the six examples is this category have their origins in SA: it is an even split between McLaren Vale and Barossa. This monopoly is somewhat expected, as South Australia is home to the highest number of grenache plantings in Australia.

While grenache itself goes by many monikers, it is nevertheless is an easy-drinking red wine varietal with gentle tannin and balanced body. It also makes a versatile wine; able to be consumed as a single varietal style or blended with other grapes, such as shiraz and mourvedre. When enjoying grenache, its spice-scented flavour profile is this varietal’s most identifiable characteristic. Expect candied fruit, touches of cinnamon; aromas are raspberry, orange rind and even tobacco.