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Pinot gris/grigio to try

By Halliday Promotion

Vibrant, crisp, and the ultimate food-friendly wine – here are two pinot gris and a pinot grigio to try.

Pinot gris or grigio (gris and grigio translate to ‘grey’ in French and Italian respectively) is known for its zippy and fresh characteristics. When it comes to Australia, pinot gris/grigio thrive in Victoria and Tasmania.

The King Valley is known for its alpine, Italian-style grigio, while Alsatian styles are generally found in Tasmania and on the Mornington Peninsula.

Get to know these three expressions from Ocean Eight, Barringwood, and Buller Wines.

2022 Ocean Eight Pinot Gris

2022 Ocean Eight Pinot Gris

A pear-like richness is noticeable. Freshness and zing build quickly and provide nice length, leaving a crisp and refined finish that immediately invites another taste.

Winemaker Michael Aylward says: The pinot gris comes from our home site in Shoreham where our winery is. It was also the first variety Ocean Eight made a wine from – back in 2006. These vines grow on a very special part of the Peninsula.

Best enjoyed: Pinot gris is a wine that matches perfectly with Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes. Pair the 2022 with dishes that use flavours like lemongrass, star anise, chilli, coconut, or coriander – each really amplify the beauty of pinot gris.

RRP $42 | Drink to 2025 |

Barringwood Pinot Gris

2022 Barringwood Pinot Gris

Bright, clear, pale straw with tinges of green. Melon and crunchy pear with hints of tropicality on the nose. A rich but lively palate of crunchy pear and lemon, complemented by floral and peach notes. A long, clean backbone of bright cool-climate acidity and minerality gives elegance and length. 

Owner Vanessa Bagot says: Over the years we have owned our vineyard, our pinot gris has been consistently impressive; not because of anything we have done, but by virtue of harmony with the terroir and the wine style we aspire to create. 

Best enjoyed: Pinot gris is a spring and autumn wine that is best enjoyed as the sun goes down. Drink it moderately chilled so the flavour and texture are shown at their best. Pair the gris with seared Tasmanian salmon.

RRP $36 | Drink to 2027 |

2023 Buller Wines The Nook Pinot Grigio

2023 Buller Wines The Nook Pinot Grigio

The 2023 is zippy and fresh. Crisp nashi pear, citrus and blossoms lead the nose. Balanced acidity and great length are complemented with hints of freshly cut pear.

Winemaker Dave Whyte says: The Nook Pinot Grigio is a full-flavoured and approachable style of wine. The grapes have come off a vineyard that is nestled almost 400 metres above sea level on the east-facing sloped of the King Valley. The climate is cool, and the ripening occurs later in the season, so we get a really nice acid and fruit ripeness balance. 

Best enjoyed: The best time to enjoy our pinot grigio is in the warmth of summer when you’re sitting by the beach (or river in our case). It's best served cold, and keeping the summer and water themes in mind, we tend to pair our pinot grigio with spicy fish tacos. The vibrant flavours of the tacos are balanced by the crisp acidity of our pinot grigio. 

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