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Six gins to try from NSW

By Halliday Promotion

27 Mar, 2024

When you're looking for something to drink that isn't wine, look no further than these six gins from New South Wales. 

There's nothing quite like sipping gin in a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks. Broaden your horizons with these six gins from New South Wales.

We spoke to each distiller about what makes their gin special, how best to serve it – including serving temperature and glassware – and the ideal food pairing for their gin. Cheers!

Archie Rose gin bottleshot

Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin

Starts with the beguiling and lifted aromatics of juniper, which offers lime blossom, apple and an abundance of fresh pine. There is a subtle citrus back bone with lemon and mandarin supported by subtle green tea, figs and watermelon. An evolving and complex array of flavours on the palate, moving from stone fruit to citrus with fresh garden herbs, pine and very subtle eucalyptus. A complex, persistent and lingering finish.

Archie Rose says: Signature Dry Gin is our contemporary Australian take on a classic dry gin, carefully distilled in copper vacuum stills, using our unique cold distillation process to eliminate the adverse impacts of heat and create botanical distillates of clarity and distinct flavour.

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
AR. Featuring eight individually distilled botanicals, including sunrise lime and Geraldton waxflower, both native to Western Australia, and Dorrigo Pepperleaf sourced from Northern NSW, this spirit unites the east and west coasts to deliver a quintessentially Australian dry gin.

How to serve this gin: We love to drink Signature Dry Gin in a classic, simple, and delicious serve like a gin and tonic. Pour the gin into a glass over ice, top with tonic water, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Ultimate food pairing: A delicious cheeseboard that features Prom Country Cheese Venus Blue paired with Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic 

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Broken Hill gin bottleshot

Broken Hill Distillery Outback Strength Gin

This gin boasts a beautiful blend of floral and citrus aromas, complemented by a peppery juniper presence and a hint of barrel influence, resulting in a sweet, moreish finish. The oak aroma frames the juniper, leading to a mellow palate with ripe plum fruitiness. The finish is strong, driven by alcohol content, and is accented with sherbet and plum notes. 

Broken Hill Distillery says: Outback Strength Gin gained its name from the people of Broken Hill and the Far West region of NSW. A testament to the tenacity and resilience of the people that call the outback home. Upon distillation it is directed straight to the chardonnay barrels where it sits for a minimum three months, gaining subtleties, roundness from the oak and a terrific golden hue.

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
BHD. The flagship of our gin distillery is purposely distilled with a goal of being the perfect end-of-day drink of choice. Hardly more than a couple are needed to get you where you want to be. It is refreshing, vibrant and bursting with notes of native botanicals, navel orange, and is juniper forward.

How to serve this gin: We believe in squeezing every ounce of the tantalising aromas and tastes into our gin, so simply adorn the gin with a wedge of navel orange for the sippers. Or, for those who like to mix, we prefer Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic as the accompaniment.  

Ultimate food pairing: To narrow it down just one, it would be citrus-cured kingfish (cured with Outback Strength Gin of course). 

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Far distilling bottleshot

FAR Distilling Gin No 1 Signature Blend

Layered complexity meets delicate floral aromas, resulting in a smooth, velvety finish. Our signature blend is a contemporary style gin that showcases uniquely Australian botanicals like lemon myrtle, strawberry gum, Tasmanian pepperberry and macadamia nut to create a gin with layered intricacy. 

FAR Distilling says: Drawing on a rich heritage of five generations of winemaking in the Hunter Valley, FAR Distilling embraces tradition and innovation. Located at the Keith Tulloch Wine estate, we craft our gin with a grape-based spirit, paying homage to our winemaking heritage. Each batch involves the careful selection of premium botanicals and innovative extraction techniques – resulting in our small-batch, hand-crafted gin that epitomises complexity and refinement. Our Signature Gin is a textured and vibrant drinking experience.

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
FD. Our innovative approach ensures our gin is unmatched in complexity and quality. We combine next-generation and traditional distillation techniques to unlock an array of rich flavours and aromas. Our dual still system includes a copper pot for heated distillation and a vacuum still for cold distillation. Cold extraction preserves botanical freshness, resulting in a gin bursting with dynamic flavours. 

How to serve this gin: Designed to be a sipping gin, we crafted it to be enjoyed neat over ice with a twist of orange peel. For a more refreshing take, a classic G&T with light tonic, like Fever-Tree's Mediterranean, garnished with orange and a fresh sprig of thyme – or can be used to bring floral charm to a sophisticated martini.

Ultimate food pairing: The lemon myrtle, citrus, and floral notes of our gin complement a variety of fresh seafood dishes, but oysters, sushi and ceviche are personal favourites. Light salads or snacking on hard cheeses and charcuterie are also ideal pairings. Avoid bold, overpowering flavours that detract from the gin's delicacy.

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Nine Circles gin bottleshot

Nine Circles Distillery Pink Gin

Rhubarb and raspberry with a hint of pepperberry.

Nine Circles says: Locally grown rhubarb and raspberry are used to infuse both flavour and colour to a beautifully balanced gin. Tasmanian pepperberry adds a touch of spice, the tartness from the fruit adds complexity. Being the only gold medal winning pink gin at the Royal Melbourne Spirits Awards you could go so far as to call this Australia’s best pink gin. 

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
NC. A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, a little bit tart, a balance of all the things that make a pink gin great. Using real fruit for colour and flavour, as well as a touch of sweetness and native botanicals for a balanced profile, this is the perfect gin for sweet or savoury cocktails and mixers.   

How to serve this gin: This gin is perfect when paired with prosecco or champagne: one part gin, three parts sparkling with some ice and berries. It’s also delicious with Fever-Tree elderflower tonic, one shot gin, 120mls tonic, top with some mint or fresh elderflower if you have some.

Ultimate food pairing: Anything fresh pairs well, but for the perfect summer menu we like fresh shucked Sydney rock oysters with a sprinkle of finger lime caviar, followed by locally caught kingfish served with an Asian style salad.

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Pants Off Gin

Pants Off Antz Pants Gin

Indulge in the vibrant tapestry of Australian flavours with Antz Pants Gin, a true celebration of our land's native botanicals. On the nose, citrus notes dance forward, leading you into a refreshing symphony of summery sensations. The distinctive essence of finger lime and lemon myrtle unfolds on the palate, offering a harmonious blend that is both zesty and exotic.

Pants Off says: Small batch artisan-crafted, Antz Pants Gin embodies Australian spirit with native botanicals. Vibrant citrus, finger lime, and lemon myrtle create a refreshing, summery profile. Crafted with precision, it's a celebration of unique flavours, perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of gin-making.

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
PO. Antz Pants Gin is not just a drink, it's an adventure waiting to unfold. Perfect for lazy summer afternoons or lively gatherings with friends, it embodies the spirit of Australia in every bottle, offering a taste of sunshine and laughter in every sip.

How to serve this gin: Sip it neat over rocks, and you'll experience the lively interplay of botanicals, creating a palate that is as playful as it is sophisticated. Paired with your favourite tonic, Antz Pants Gin transforms into a refreshing elixir, weaving a tapestry of fun and lively moments.

Ultimate food pairing: Two of our favourite summertime staples are citrus-cured salmon and grilled prawns with lemon myrtle butter: The bright acidity of citrus-cured salmon accentuates the citrus notes in Antz Pants Gin while offering a delicate contrast to the herbal lemon myrtle flavours, while the rich flavours of grilled prawns, enhanced by the aromatic lemon myrtle butter, create a luxurious pairing that echoes the botanical complexity of the gin.

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Wildstreak gin bottleshot

Wildstreak Distillery Classic Dry Gin

A rich tapestry of flavours, our Classic Dry Gin features a robust juniper base, complemented by a symphony of aromatic herbs and spices, delivering a perfectly balanced and smooth finish. Juniper, coriander seed and a delicate balance of lemon myrtle is lifted by cassia and cardamom spice. 

Wildstreak Distillery says: Crafted with a deep respect for gin-making traditions, our Classic Dry Gin is distilled using a carefully curated selection of the finest botanicals in our custom made still. 

H. What makes this gin such a great drink?
WD. Ideal for a refined martini or a refreshing gin and tonic, our Classic Dry Gin is the perfect foundation for both classic and innovative cocktails.

How to serve this gin: Serve in tulip shaped RIEDEL gin glassware, which allows for full aromatic expression of the gin botanicals to shine. Best served in a classic G&T using Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water, a wedge of fresh lime gently twisted inside the glass, and dehydrated citrus to decorate. This gin can be served with tonic, soda water, neat, or on the rocks. It also makes a great spritz when served with with a dry sparkling wine. For a sweet summer cocktail – serve it with a handful of strawberries, ice and soda, before garnishing with orange rind. It's also a welcome addition to margaritas – in place of triple sec or Grand Marnier – and eliminates the need for sugar syrup.

Ultimate food pairing: Spoil yourself with an indulgent charcuterie board of cured meats, artisanal cheeses and pickled garden vegetables. 

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