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29 low-intervention wines

By Halliday Wine Companion

1 Jul, 2024

Below you’ll find 29 minimal-intervention wines to try. From the funk to the lo-fi, if you’re new to lower-intervention styles, then this is the perfect place to start.

Minimal-intervention wines (also known as low-intervention or lo-fi wines) have gained a rapid following in recent years. These wines aim to allow the fruit – rather than the winemaking – to shine. This ‘hands-off’ approach produces wines that may be unfiltered and unfined, with no sulphur additions or just a smidge at bottling to aid in keeping the wine fresh.

If you haven't dabbled in lo-fi wine before, it doesn't have to be scary. There is a vast spectrum of lo-fi wines, and while some of the funkier examples produced under the ‘natty (natural) wine’ umbrella can offer controversial quality, there are many wines made in this way that are as polished and refined as traditionally made wines. Other examples that are more rustic and freewheeling, such as pétillant naturel (pét-nat), can offer a delicious, fun and exciting look into wine’s various guises.

Below are 29 minimal-intervention wines to try. They are ordered by colour, starting with whites, moving through to orange, amber and rosé, and red. Each wine comes 'recommended', 'highly recommended' or has been scored 'outstanding' by the Tasting Team. You'll find names like Gentle Folk, tripe.Iscariot, Dr Edge, Patrick Sullivan Wines, and Worlds Apart in the list. And expressions of pinot gris, riesling and chardonnay, along with pinot noir, grenache, cabernet franc, shiraz/syrah, and lesser-known grapes like lagrein and nero d'Avola.

Image credit: Gentle Folk.