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Coonawarra cabernet straight-up

By Halliday Promotion

15 Oct, 2019

The cabernet sauvignon grape is as noble as it is historic. Known as the “King of Red Wine” for its global popularity, South Australia’s Coonawarra region produces some of the finest examples in the country.

    Unlike other regions that blend cabernet grapes to amplify shiraz or merlot varieties, Coonawarra has become synonymous with straight-up cabernet sauvignon. These medium-bodied wines have a supple palate that goes from strength to strength with age. Three Coonawarra winemakers recommend their selections. 

  • 2014 Zema Estate Family Selection Cabernet Sauvingon 

  • This perfectly balanced wine comes together seamlessly to deliver an exceptional example of Coonawarra cabernet. Expect rich and luscious blackberry flavours, elegant tannins and well-integrated new French oak.

    RRP $44.95 | 2029 | Zema

  • 2013 Katnook Odyssey Cabernet Sauvignon

  • The 2013 Katnook cabernet is a product of attention to detail. Meticulously crafted from only the best vintages, extended oak maturation and an intense blend of fruit are characteristic of this iconic red wine.

    RRP $100 | 2033 | Katnook Estate

  • 2015 Rymill Coonawarra Classic Cabernet Sauvingon 

  • Aromas of anise and blackcurrant dominate this vibrant, medium-bodied cabernet. Its bold, curranty flavours are best enjoyed with a marbled scotch fillet or a simple dish of grilled pine mushrooms with herbs on crusty bread.

    RRP $32 | 2030 | Rymill

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