Yering Station pinot noir: cool and collected

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28 Feb, 2024

Pinot noir specialists Yering Station place regional authenticity and varietal integrity at the heart of their cool-climate winemaking.

Yering Station, which marks the site of Victoria's original vineyard plantings (circa 1838), has pinot noir at its heart. Across the range are five exceptional pinots all grown in the Yarra Valley, Victoria’s premier cool-climate region, ranging from Burgundy-inspired icon wines to super fresh, approachable styles.

The estate’s original 1988 pinot noir plantings caught the eye of the Rathbone family, who purchased the winery in 1996, the Yarra Valley having a couple of decades of outstanding pinot production under its belt by then. The Laura Barnes vineyard soon joined the portfolio, with MV6 pinot noir comprising the first new addition. “Pinot noir is the ultimate pursuit of viticultural and winemaking excellence,” says Yering Station chief winemaker Brendan Hawker. “When all the elements align, the resulting wines are breathtaking, more so than any other varietal.”

Regional authenticity and varietal integrity drive Yering Station’s approach. “We are focused firmly on making the most refined, complex and interesting pinot noir we can that is reflective of the vineyards where the fruit is grown,” Brendan says. 

Yering Station winemaker Brendan HawkerYering Station chief winemaker Brendan Hawker.

By virtue of location, Yering Station specialises in cool-climate wines. The Yarra Valley benefits from a continental influence in cool nights and the maritime influence of Port Philip Bay, which buffers the region from heat. The unique geological aspects and soil types of the winery’s estate vineyards allow all the shades and personalities of pinot noir to shine through.

“We find that pinot noir is at its most pure and elegant when there is little stress on the vine. For our vineyards, that means deeper, free- draining topsoil for easier access to water and nutrients, and cooler aspects that are less exposed to hot afternoon sun,” Brendan says. Each vineyard brings its own personality to the glass. “The Laura Barnes vineyard has tougher, heavier soils and the pinots from here always have a savoury line to their fruit profile – more beetroot and pomegranate than cherry or strawberry with a bigger tannin profile, too,” Brendan says. Meanwhile, the Scarlett Pinot Noir is driven by a very special patch of dirt from Block Y07 on the estate site. The highly coveted wine is produced in very limited quantities and was named in honour of Yering Station viticulturist, the late Nathan Scarlett.

Yering Station viticulturistYering Station chief viticulturist Rod Harrison.

Brendan is always experimenting in the winery, looking for methods and techniques to improve the expression of the vineyards. Small open fermenters keep individual fruit parcels separate; fermenters are gravity fed for gentle extraction. Future sites are in development, too – 2024 will see new plantings on a south-facing site in Coldstream, led by chief viticulturist Rod Harrison. “Sometimes these experiments work out, and sometimes they don’t, but there have been plenty of wins, the results of which continually compound and lift the quality of our wines.”

Yering Station Scarlett pinot noir

2021 Yering Station Scarlett Pinot Noir

The Scarlett is Yering Station’s finest wine, and the pinnacle of its pinot noir. Crafted in extremely limited quantities with only four vintages ever released, the real magic is found in its inherent purity and balance, driven by the special patch of dirt where its fruit is grown.

RRP $300 | Shop this wine

Yering Station reserve pinot noir

2021 Yering Station Reserve Pinot Noir

Yering Station’s flagship pinot noir is made with only the best parcels and in the best years. An epitome of time, place and effort in the purest of form.

RRP $130 | Shop this wine

Yering Station Laura Barnes pinot noir

2022 Yering Station Single Vineyard Laura Barnes Pinot Noir

When a particular wine shows unique or special qualities, it is celebrated in its own right. Single-vineyard releases may not always represent Yering Station’s traditional pinot style, but rather showcase the diversity of what the Yarra Valley’s inimitable terroir can offer.

RRP $70 | Shop single vineyard wines

Yering Station 2023 pinot noir

2023 Yering Station Pinot Noir

The definition of Yering Station’s house style, this pinot is made from renowned Yarra Valley vineyards carefully managed to ensure the showcase of pinot noir characters that are both regionally and varietally authentic.

RRP $40 | Shop this wine

Yering Station village pinot noir

2021 Yering Station Village Pinot Noir

A vibrant, bright, expressive pinot noir from a selection of Yarra Valley vineyards. A perfect complement to modern dining.

RRP $30 | Shop this wine 

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