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Xanadu release their Jimmy Watson awarded cabernet sauvignon

By Halliday Wine Companion for Xanadu

16 Apr, 2019

Lo and behold the anticipated release of the Jimmy Watson awarded 2016 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon.

Longtime Margaret River leaders, Xanadu, have this week released their acclaimed cabernet sauvignon that took home the 2018 Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy — one of the most coveted wine awards in Australia.


Since the award, the 2016 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon has been the topic of much conversation, as wine enthusiasts long awaited its release. The celebrated wine marks the tenth vintage under this label, crafted by chief winemaker Glenn Goodall, whose skills are highly regarded around the country.

Xanadu are cherished for their excellence in producing authentic wines, that are true to their region. Each wine is crafted with homage to their home, and along with an unparalleled devotion, Xanadu wines characterise all that is Margaret River. Compelling tastes, aromas, and perceptive processes make these bottles of first-class quality, and many times have they been awarded for their brilliance. Suzie Muntz works hard in crafting this exact uniqueness within her role as Xanadu’s chief viticulturist. Commencing work on the vineyards back in 2012, her sole dedication to Xanadu is an integral part to their heartfelt success story.

As of April 15th, the 2016 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon is at last released. With a pedigree that’s traditionally rich, and has for over a decade shined bright in its category, the style prides an honourable collection of trophies and medals from an array of Australian wine shows. Standing tall as masters of expressive Margaret River cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, Xanadu once again impress with their premier examples.

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Find out more at xanaduwines.com.

This article was produced by Halliday Wine Companion in partnership with Xanadu.