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By Halliday Promotion for Langton’s

19 Nov, 2019

Langton's is renowned for its wine auction service, but the company also has a team of brokers who can tailor and expand your wine journey. 

It doesn’t matter if you rarely buy bottles over $20, or spend many times more without hesitating, Langton’s has a vast wine collection with options at all price points – many of which aren’t publicised. That’s where the Langton’s brokerage service comes in, providing true insider’s access.  

A dedicated team of wine experts knows all about the hard-to-find wines and exclusive deals, which they share with clients. Langton’s brokerage sales manager Pierre Durand says that over time, the brokers get to know each client’s tastes so they can introduce them to other wines, styles and regions to suit. “It’s an amazing experience for us to go through,” he says. “The brokers are all passionate about wine and love seeing clients happy with their choices.

“We have a lot of wines we can’t list online due to limited availability and, in some cases, the pricing being confidential,” Pierre says. “It’s not uncommon to get just 12 bottles of very good Burgundy, for example, so we can’t advertise these sorts of things to everyone.”

Anyone can become a Langton’s member by creating an online account, where there is a box to tick that requests the free brokerage service. If so, Pierre says new members can expect a broker to call within 24 hours. “A ‘broker’ is a peculiar term, but in French, the word is ‘courtier’, or ‘middle man’, so we are this link,” Pierre says. “We are involved end to end, from sourcing the wine through to delivery, and gauging the client’s experience with it. If something doesn’t deliver as per the broker’s tip, the client gets a full refund.”

Pierre says now is a great time to trial the service and get organised for the season. “I’d like to see clients taking advantage of this to be more adventurous with their purchases. There is a lot to discover!”

For Pierre, this summer is all about German rieslings, Australian chardonnay and semillon, and rosé, particularly from France. “In terms of special wines for the table, we’ve got the luxury of purchasing directly from wineries around the world, with a strong focus on France, Italy and Spain, so we know how to find the value in our portfolio.”

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