12 Affordable Bottles to Jazz Up Your Summer Occasions

By Georgia Spanos

19 Dec, 2018

'Tis the season of more spending and entertaining, and no doubt wine will accompany you along the way. Luckily there are plenty of fantastic bottles that are affordable too. Here are 12 under $25, that certainly don't skimp on quality.

It’s that time of year when expenses seemingly creep up. Is Christmas to blame? Or the delightful weather that tempts outings more often? Could it be the summer spring in your step encouraging more home entertaining, or the baking sun that’s increased the thirst of all? Whatever the reason, highly rated bottles fit brilliantly to the equation, with plenty available at affordable prices. The simple addition of a standout bottle is sure to jazz up any summer celebration.

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Sauvignon blanc is a refreshing choice if you’re embarking on a coastal adventure this summer. It’s particularly suited if you plan on entertaining with fresh fish from the sea — an Australian scene comparable to no other. Sauvignon blanc is also brilliant with herbaceous, tangy sauces, including potato salad with creamy vinaigrette, or vegetables with yoghurt sauces. 

2018 Singlefile Run Free Sauvignon Blanc — $25.00

2018 Hewitson LuLu Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc — $25.00

2018 Larry Cherubino Wines The Yard Channybearup Pemberton Sauvignon Blanc — $25.00


Lazing around on a picnic rug by a spread of delectable cheeses and antipasti treats? Chardonnay is the perfect companion for the occasion, pairing with buttery and creamy foods brilliantly. It’s also fantastic with white-based dishes including fresh prawn pizza, or three cheeses risotto. 

2017 Hardys Insignia Adelaide Hills Chardonnay — $18.00

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate Yarra Valley Chardonnay — $22.00

2017 Domaine Naturaliste Discovery Margaret River Chardonnay — $24.00


Rosé fully steps into the light during summertime, with flavours highlighting the bright fruits of summer, including strawberry and raspberry. By day, rosé is fantastic amongst the beach enjoyed with freshly fired fish and chips, and by night, it's the ultimate party beverage. 

2018 Shingleback Haycutters Salmon McLaren Vale Adelaide Hills Rosé— $18.00

2018 Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Sangiovese Rosé— $18.00

2018 Stella Bella Wines Skuttlebutt Margaret River Rosé— $18.00


Pinot Noir is an all-round winner for gatherings around the barbecue. If you’re working with fattier fishes including salmon, punchy poultry including spiced chicken, or barbecue classic including sausages and red meats, pinot noir is a light summer red suited to all. 

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate Yarra Valley Pinot Noir — $24.00

2017 Oakridge Wines Over the Shoulder Yarra Valley Pinot Noir — $23.00

2017 Home Hill Landslide Pinot Noir — $28.00