Exceptional pinot noir from the 2017 vintage

James Halliday by James Halliday

17 Jun, 2020

Need a new pinot noir to try? These come highly recommended.

Last September’s newsletter extolling the virtues of 2017 pinot noir feels as if it came from another world in the wake of the biblical torture of the 2020 vintage, beset by all the spears and arrows of outrageous misfortune. Some pinot diamonds may come from this year’s harvest, but they will be in short supply. The 2018 vintage was comparatively abundant, but 2019 was below average. 

So it was a major surprise to find these five wines haven’t previously featured in any Halliday Wine Companion channel or the Weekend Australian. Specialist fine wine retailers or the winery websites are the best places to find them.

I promise you it’ll be worth the effort to seek out any of these scaringly beautiful pinots. The wines were tasted relatively recently, but there was no one size fits all with the points.

James on 2017 pinot noir

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