Support pours in following James Halliday’s announcement

In response to the news that James Halliday is stepping back from his annual wine bible, the wine community came out in force to express their gratitude for his contributions.

After more than 30 years producing the Halliday Wine Companion, James Halliday this week announced he would be taking a step back from coordinating its almost 10,000 new reviews each year, handing over the reins to respected wine writer Tyson Stelzer.

At 82 years of age, no one could blame James for wanting to slow down, although he certainly won’t be stopping. He will continue to play an integral role, contributing tasting notes and articles across platforms and working closely with the team.

Still, support for James from wineries, wine lovers, and friends near and far flooded in at the news this Australian wine icon will be entrusting his incredible legacy to the next generation.

See some of the responses below.

James Halliday in the cellarJames, a great run, from Brokenwood to Coldstream Hills. It’s been a pleasure... which now affords you time to finish the cellar. Glenn Caldwell

I was just a young 20 yo delivery driver, ‘go-for’ for Len Evans when I delivered wine to your house, so I’m 70 now and there you are still the steady ‘rock’ of the wine industry, you will never be forgotten. I still remember you, John Beeston, Tony Albert and Evans – nobody else was needed for just watching you four at lunch, such memories. Rob East

Congratulations James. The Companion is without equal and the best wine reference in Australia. Peter McKeon

It is difficult to articulate a sufficiently adequate tribute to you, James, for the enormous amount of good you have done for Australian wine and wineries over your lifetime! We simply offer to you our most heartfelt thanks. Take care and may you enjoy every second of a well earned rest! Claudio Radenti

Congratulations James. Thank you for your guidance in helping me start and continue to appreciate and collect wine. A well deserved rest. Greg Noble

James, you have always been a leader and an inspiration for so many reasons. Glad you’re still participating in a more sustainable way! Congratulations @tyson_stelzer. Fiona MacDonald

Congratulations James @winecompanion and thank you for your enormous contribution to our industry. Jen Pfeiffer

James, your work has inspired us to always try our best and we are forever grateful. Z Wines

Thank you for guiding and inspiring so many to explore and celebrate the best of Australian wine. Will Slocombe

An amazing contribution to the wine world. Thank you James for all you have given. Good to hear you are only slowing down. Seabrook Wines

James, no one man has done so much for the Australian wine industry. We are forever grateful for your knowledge, passion and commitment. Boat O’Craigo

Thank you James for being an inspiration for me with Australian wine and enjoy your well deserved break. And congratulations @tyson_stelzer! Dan Ma

Thanks for your enormous commitment to our wine community James. A privilege to have learnt from you over the years. Congratulations @tyson_stelzer a proud and well earned moment. Sue Bell

End of an era, congratulations on such a wonderful contribution to wine. Hannah Cameron

Thank you James for inspiring me on my wine journey and for all you’ve done for Australian wine. From the first to most recent Companion. Enjoy (a little) more downtime and take care of yourself. Tim Bovino

Congratulations on the next step. Amazing how you have kept up the workload for so long AND getting better and better along the way. Enjoy the fresh and Covid-free air at Coldstream. Bill Stevens

You are irreplaceable, JH 🍷 . Matt Tanner

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