New Giaconda tasting notes

By J'aime Cardillo

29 May, 2024

Last month, Giaconda released its 2022 wines, including the cult Estate Vineyard Chardonnay, the Estate Vineyard Roussanne, a shiraz and a nebbiolo. Tasting Team member Jeni Port has reviewed the wines.

Last month, Beechworth giant Giaconda released its 2022 wines. The collection includes the 2022 Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay, Giaconda Estate Vineyard Roussanne, Giaconda Shiraz, and the 2021 Giaconda Nebbiolo. There's one caveat to securing the wines – no mailing list, no chardonnay. And even then, there are no promises. The 2022 Estate Vineyard Chardonnay sold out to lucky subscribers in under five minutes.

Giaconda continues to see international success with its Estate Vineyard Chardonnay, but in his highly anticipated annual newsletter, winemaker Rick Kinzbrunner says even with the export demand, domestic customers will remain the priority.

Giaconda vineyardGiaconda's 2022 Estate Vineyard Chardonnay sold out in less than five minutes. 

"Giaconda wines sold out in the blink of an eye last release and this gives me confidence to keep the focus on what we are currently doing in the vineyard and winery," writes Rick. "Giaconda is now a world wine..."

Rick says the new plantings of roussanne on the Estate Vineyard are thriving, and for Rhône white fans, the 2022 Estate Vineyard Roussanne will not disappoint. "This new wine follows on (and probably surpasses) our original Aeolia Roussanne, which was produced up until the 2009 vintage."

To be in the running for the 2023 release, you will need to sign up to the Giaconda mailing list. Mark your calendars for April 15, 2025 at 8.00am. Tasting Team member Jeni Port has reviewed the 2022 Giaconda wines. Read the tasting notes and find out how she scored the wines below.

Jeni Port's Giaconda tasting notes 

2022 Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay, Beechworth

An utterly beguiling wine of deep complexity and stunning freshness. Vintage '22 brought on one of the latest harvests ever for the maker, and the cool season and long hang time has worked a special kind of magic. The scent demands your attention, with jasmine, citrus blossom, grapefruit flesh, nectarine, peach custard, cashew and buttered toast. Seamless entry, the wine glides across a richly detailed palate, textural and luxurious in flavour, with a pinch of bright quince-led spice to close. Filigree fine acidity brings a crystal clarity and freshness. A chardonnay masterclass from the masters. – Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion, 99 points

RRP $150 | Drink to 2038

2022 Giaconda Estate Vineyard Roussanne, Beechworth

Let's hear it for roussanne! The under-rated brilliance of the grape in Australia is surely finally put to rest with this stunning '22 release. Yes, it's that good. Pear, beeswax, apple, yellow peach aromas warmly imbued with a spiced apple richness. There's a real sense of class with roussanne's deeper fruit and oak notes (brioche, beeswax, pear, apple) beautifully lifted by acacia and jasmine florals and spice. Takes you on a journey to the heart of roussanne with fragrance, texture, flavour and length aplenty. – Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion, 96 points

RRP $80 | Drink to 2036

2022 Giaconda Shiraz, Beechworth

A wine that unfurls gloriously in slow motion – what a lovely shiraz ride. Aromatic aromas hold your attention long and unwaveringly: dark plum, blackberry, wild bramble, raspberry leaf,  aniseed, allspice, pepper, sage. Still a youngster with layer upon layer yet to fully explore. Sapid fine tannins drive the long palate with plenty of herb, spice and flecks of savouriness filling out the breadth of concentrated fruit flavour and beautifully woven oak. Discipline will be needed to cellar it for as long as it deserves. – Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion, 97 points

RRP $80 | Drink to 2038

2021 Giaconda Nebbiolo, Beechworth

How long to age this beauty? How long is a piece of string? Each return to the glass sees something new to admire, something else to cling to and wonder at. First, it was the aromas – so aromatic with a strong cherry, floral and herbal bent – and then a palate that ceased to simply go in a straight line, but kept diverting down interesting side alleys of dark flavours, spice, herbs, cocoa, earth and balsamic. And those tannins, a mesh of the savoury and the silky. This could take a while to fully reveal so give it the time it deserves. – Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion, 97 points

RRP $100 | Drink to 2042

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Image credit: Giaconda.