The gift of choice

By Halliday Promotion

This Father’s Day, give them the ability to open and enjoy any wine, in any amount, without reservations.

If the father in your life loves high-tech gadgets, fine wines and having lots of options, then a Coravin wine system ticks all the boxes for a perfect gift. Appropriately, too, Coravin came to life because a soon-to-be dad, Greg Lambrecht, was no longer able to share bottles of wine with his pregnant wife. Still wanting to enjoy an occasional glass without compromising an entire bottle, Greg went in search of a solution – everything he found fell short. That sparked the idea to combine his background in medical technology with his passion for wine, creating a product that would empower people to open any bottle they wanted at any time.

How does it work?

The Coravin system allows you to dispense wine from a bottle without removing its closure, slowing down the process of oxidisation and keeping the contents fresh. By piercing the top with a thin, hollow needle and extracting a controlled amount of wine, replacing it with inert argon gas at the same time, oxygen is blocked from entering. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals over the puncture hole. This system was originally developed for cork-sealed wines only, but the arrival of the Coravin Screw Cap accessory has widened its scope.

When the Coravin system was first introduced in 2011, early adopters were wine bars, restaurants and cellar doors, as it enabled them to pour rare and aged wines by the glass. It’s been a boon for these venues and their patrons, allowing them to share and experience bottles usually reserved for a privileged few. But given the concept arose from the needs of a wine lover wanting more options at home, the product was always intended for use there. And as it has evolved, that’s become even easier to do. Not being able to finish a bottle isn’t the only reason for wanting one, either. Here are some ways your dad might benefit from a Coravin this Father’s Day.

To dip into the “good stuff” 

If you often hear them say treasured bottles are best left for later, a Coravin system will allow them to enjoy their wines freely – no matter the occasion or if they only want a glass. Gifting the option to bust out the Burgundy for a midweek dinner or drink on the couch? That’s the ultimate indulgence.

To open and try a selection of styles

Do they sample lots of wines, whether for a wine club or just because, and hate seeing bottles opened for tasting go to waste? Or maybe they just like variety and would delight in being able to switch between different styles, reds and whites. If they often pair food and wine, being able to open several bottles throughout a meal could be useful, too.

Coravin Model Six on a bottle next to a charcuterie platePictured: The Coravin Model Six in silver.

To save money in the long term

Bottles under Coravin closure can last for up to three years, drastically extending the life of open wine. If the bottles in their collection can be enjoyed over a longer period, it not only prevents waste but also saves them from having to buy wine as frequently.

To check on the development of ageing wines

Cellaring wine can be a gamble, and a Coravin can take out some of the guesswork. If dad is a collector, this device is an excellent tool for checking in on the development of ageing wines rather than waiting for a “right time” that could pass them by.

To have the latest gadget

We all know someone who likes to have the newest devices, and Coravin’s range of products will suit that person perfectly. The Model Eleven will likely lead the options for the tech-savvy drinker, as it can be used in conjunction with their smartphone to connect to the Coravin Moments app, where the details of their system can be found at a glance. The Model Eleven also automatically pours the wine once the bottle is tilted and has an LED display that shows when the system needs to be charged or the gas capsule refilled. In addition to the top-of-the-line Model Eleven, there’s the brand-new Models Three and Six with SmartClamps that mechanically grip the top of the bottle, rather than having to be manually attached. To determine which device will suit, take the Coravin quiz. There are also several accessories to enhance Coravin’s capabilities, such as the Screw Cap attachment, and the Coravin Aerator, which works similarly to a decanter but without the wait time.

Purchase a Coravin SmartClamps device before September 6, and you’ll receive a Coravin Aerator as a bonus gift. Find out more at