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Wine revolution: Coravin celebrates 10 years of helping us to drink wine better

By Halliday Promotion

11 Jul, 2023

The unrivalled leader in wine preservation technology – Coravin is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass or two, failed to finish the bottle and then as a result, the wine went down the drain? Well, that's where Coravin comes in.

To minimise oxidation and wastage, generations of wine consumers have typically opened and consumed one bottle of wine at a time. Greg Lambrecht founded Coravin in 2013 in a bid to challenge this one-dimensional style of interaction with the exceptionally diverse world of wine.

The journey to better wine preservation began when Greg’s wife was pregnant with their first child, and with his drinking partner unavailable, he found himself throwing out oxidised wine. This sparked an ambition to develop a means to be able to drink any wine, in any amount, from any bottle, whenever he wanted (without having to think about when he would return to drinking that bottle again).

Armed with dual degrees from MIT, Greg went to work designing and prototyping a device that would allow him to pour wine by the glass, and voila, the Coravin Timeless wine preservation system was born.

Greg in the labGreg Lambrecht. 

Since launching the Timeless 10 years ago, Coravin has also introduced two more innovative systems: the Coravin Pivot and the Coravin Sparkling. The Coravin Pivot involves removing the cork or stopper and offers up to four weeks of wine preservation. The Coravin Sparkling is the brand's latest invention, and offers drinkers perfect preservation of any Champagne or sparkling wine for up to four weeks after opening. 

With Coravin's pioneering technology wine lovers and oenophiles no longer need to settle for the mid-week wine or 'just drink what's open' – every bottle becomes a possibility. The technology also means drinkers can monitor the wines in their cellar, and ensures collectors never miss a wine's peak drinking window. 

Timeless Six

Coravin Timeless Six+

Unlike other wine preservers that only delay oxidation, the Coravin Timeless Six+ uses medical grade non-coring needles that gently pass through wine corks. Once the needle is removed, the cork simply expands back to its normal shape. As wine is extracted through the needle, the liquid's volume is replaced with pure argon gas, so oxygen never touches the rest of the wine. This allows the wine remaining in the bottle to stay fresh as the day it was bottled for weeks, months or even years at a time.

Embracing the tasting and sampling opportunities made possible by Coravin, the endorsement of the technology by renowned wineries around the world saw leading wine bars and restaurants jump on the Coravin bandwagon. London's 67 Pall Mall and Tantris in Germany, both offering unprecedented wine-by-the-glass menus, were among the first.

As Coravin grew from strength to strength internationally over the years, its technology was also deployed in unexpected situations. When wine, including Cheat d'Yquem vintages from 1892, were discovered in Becov Castle in the Czech Republic, Greg was called in to assist expert sommeliers in accessing and tasting these bottles. 133 bottles went on to be valued at $31,000 each, so imagine what the Coravin Timeless Six+ can do for you! Comparing and enjoying different wines is no longer reserved for special occasions or wine tasting events. 

Ideal for: Wine connoisseurs, oenophiles who want to track the wines in their cellar, and dinner party hosts.

Find out more | RRP from $524.96

Coravin pivot

Coravin Pivot™

Not one to rest on his laurels, Greg continues to innovate and launched the Coravin Pivot in 2020. A more affordable option that extends the life of your everyday wines, this system involves removing the cork or stopper and offers four weeks preservation. Match your wine to your mood, your meal, or even the weather – don't settle for "what is open" when every bottle becomes a possibility. 

Ideal for: Dinner party hosts and drinkers of everyday wines.

Find out more | RRP $199.95

Coravin Sparkling

Coravin Sparkling™

Believing that the potential for discovery and experimentation in the sparkling wine category should also be infinite, the Coravin Sparkling™ was released in 2021. So if you love your bubbly, it's possible to now pop any bottle of champagne without hesitation – be it a pre-dinner glass of champagne, celebrating the end of a long day, or kicking off the weekend. The Sparkling Stopper adjusts to fit any standard or magnum bottle and locks securely in place, while its proprietary pure carbon dioxide capsules keep the flavour and bubbles in your bottles fresh.

Ideal for: Tasting multiple sparkling wines at a dinner party or event.

Find out more | RRP $699.95

Coravin Vinitas

Coravin Vinitas® 

In conjunction with its 10th anniversary milestone, Coravin takes the wine revolution further with Coravin Vinitas™, designed particularly for those in the wine trade and hospitality services. A small footprint device, Coravin Vinitas™ is groundbreaking in its ability to fractionalise wine or spirits into smaller consumables in minutes and preserve them for up to 12 months. It's now easier and more sustainable for businesses to offer premium single-serve wine and tasting portions, and better connect with a younger consumer audience who have far more options to choose from!

Ideal for: Wineries, distributors, retailers and wine educators.

Find out more

For more information visit coravin.com.au.