5 On-Premise Trends in China with Summer Yan

China's developing interest in wine continues to intrigue the Australian market. Below, Summer Yan shares the top five on-premise trends happening in China right now, to further teach us. 


1) Spending is going down due to economic uncertainties.

2) New World wine is dominating, as Australia, Chile, and New Zealand are enjoying flexible trading conditions.

3) Many new and local sommeliers are seeking wines from lesser-known regions and varietals, and backing less mainstream brands.

4) There is increasing interest in biodynamic wines from trade, but not yet from a consumer perspective.

5) Secondary cities are still behind main cities in terms of sophistications, by five to ten years.

Additional learnings:

- With the current economic downturn, consumers are becoming wary and venturing less in luxury spending.

- There are still many groups of consumers. Young consumers in third and fourth tier cities have the most potential as they are not heavily interested in wine, and mainly drinking local wines (if they do drink).