Local Weirdos

Western Australia | Swan Valley

Our Review

An idea born of 5 mates with a shared love of wine: Sam Jorgensen, Dave Cosford, Larry Jorgensen, Charles Stewart and Matthew Stewart. They are focussed on 2 core principles at this stage: minimally messed with wines picked from vineyards that have been treated the same, and from the Swan Valley. The Swan has a long and rich history and is currently experiencing a resurgence of popularity, thanks to producers like these guys, ensuring that the wines are listed at premium venues around the state. The Local Weirdos represent the younger generation of the Swan Valley who are pushing boundaries and making wines that suit the modern palate, using very old techniques like the Georgian qvevri-fermented and aged Château da Swan Grenache. -ERIN LARKIN


Winemaker Sam Jorgensen
Viticulturalist Sam Jorgensen, Dave Cosford, Larry Jorgensen, Charles Stewart, Matthew Stewart
Region Swan Valley
Address 144A Bulwer Street, Perth WA 6000 (postal)
Established 2020
Dozens 450
Vineyards (area) 3.2 ha
Opening Hours Not
Telephone 0413 355 451
Website localweirdos.wine