Ansted & Osicka

Victoria | Bendigo

Our Review

If the names seem familiar, they are. Two of Heathcote’s leading winemakers, Tobias Ansted (Tellurian) and Simon Osicka (Paul Osicka Wines) have a new collaboration, Ansted & Osicka. The friends jumped at the opportunity to officially work together when a special parcel of fruit became available in ’22 from some of the oldest plantings at Balgownie Estate, Bendigo. Without a business plan or a label, not to mention that ageworthy, medium-bodied Central Victorian cabernet sauvignon was, to quote the men, 'of the 1980s', they forged ahead. The old vines, planted in 1970 by Stuart Anderson, who founded Balgownie Estate, have historic significance in the rebirth of the modern Victorian wine industry. The connection was also personal for Tobias, once senior winemaker at Balgownie and third in line following Stuart Anderson, and knows the fruit and the vineyard well.


Winemaker Tobias Ansted, Simon Osicka
Region Bendigo
Address 11 Flood Street, Bendigo, Vic 3550
Established 2022
Opening Hours Not
Telephone 0427 970 041