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Owner Rob Turnbull moved to Australia from the UK in 1997, at that stage without any experience in the wine industry other than drinking it – and landed a vintage start with Peter Lehmann. One thing led to another in every part of the business, including study at the University of Adelaide. Fifteen years later he took the plunge and started his own business, calling on many of his friends as he built a portfolio of wines made by various winemakers using grapes grown in SA. His brief to those winemakers was simple: to make wines they’d want to take to dinner themselves. No capital cost, just working capital – then he went and spoilt it by purchasing tanks and equipment for the ’19 vintage. But he does have an admirable marketing plan: make alternative varieties for Dan Murphy and mainstream varieties for export. The wine quality and value for money is good, the labels cleverly designed. Exports to the UK, Canada, NZ and China. -JAMES HALLIDAY


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Winemaker Various
Region South Australia
Address GPO Box 1001, Adelaide, SA 5001
Established 2018
Dozens 10 000
Opening Hours Not
Telephone 0437 267 881