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Barokes packages its wines in aluminium cans, the filling process patented. The wines show normal maturation and none of the cans used since start-up shows signs of corrosion. Wines are supplied in bulk by large wineries in South Eastern Australia, with Peter Scudamore-Smith acting as blending consultant. Year after year, my tastings give rise to tasting notes with no mention of reduction or any other fault. Barokes' partnership with COFO, a large Chinese state-owned entity, with many food and beverage interests and national distribution capabilities has underpinned the large growth in export. The awards the wines win in overseas competitions can cause eyebrows to rise, but - at the very least - they confirm the quality of the wines. The most recent development, along with changes in packaging (including 300ml bottle cans), and the introduction of low-alcohol wines ranging between 6% and 11.5%. Exports to all major markets, Japan, China, other Asian markets and Canada leading the way. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Winemaker Steve Barics
Region Various
Address 66 Lillee Crescent, Tullamarine, Vic 3043
Established 2003
Dozens 950 000
Opening Hours Not
Telephone (03) 98318 4800