McGrath Wines

New South Wales | Central Ranges Zone

Our Review

Peter McGrath has endured all the hard knocks of establishing an isolated vineyard (no near vigneron neighbours to give friendly advice), which coincided with a drought and the failure of irrigation equipment to arrive when promised. This led to his enrolment in a viticulture course. His first attempt at winemaking produced what he describes as ‘nondescript vinegar', which led to the decision to enrol in a winemaking course. All this transpired between 1999 and 2003, and thereafter he achieved modest show success in cool climate and small winemaker wine shows. His estate-grown shiraz, cabernet and riesling is supplemented by purchased chardonnay from the Bathurst area. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Winemaker Peter McGrath
Region Central Ranges Zone
Address 101 Burkes Lane, Brewongle via Bathurst, NSW 3795
Established 1999
Dozens 1000
Vineyards (area) 3.5 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Telephone (02) 6337 5501