Hardie Grant grants you an annual license to use Content from Halliday Wine Companion subject to the following conditions:

  • You have accepted these terms and conditions by signing up to a Winery, Distributor or Retail subscription plan for Halliday Wine Companion.
  • You continue to comply with the following terms and conditions.

By Content we mean all wine reviews, including ratings of wines reviewed, reviews of wines and part of reviews, roundels, Awards and all other material of any kind whatsoever and wheresoever published, whether on the Website and any associated applications or in any other publications, digital or analogue.

By Website we mean the website at wineompanion.com.au. By book we mean Halliday Wine Companion.

Your license entitles you to reproduce and use Content in accordance with the category of user (Winery (Bronze, Silver or Gold,) Distributor, Retailer) selected by you solely in connection with the promotion and sale of wines by retail or wholesale, whether from your retail premises, by mail order, in Cellar Door or through an online facility.

You may only use Content for wines you sell.

You must ensure that any Content you use is current and up to date at the time of reproduction, as this Content may change over time.

You may not alter any Content in any way except to abridge it for advertising or marketing purposes provided that such abridgement does not alter, change or misrepresent the sense or meaning of a review or of the rating of the wine reviewed or adversely impact moral rights in that Content.

You may not under any circumstances alter, change or misrepresent the rating of any wine reviewed or any review of any wine or use it otherwise than in connection with the sale and promotion of the wine reviewed. 

When quoting tasting notes, in part or in full, you must:

1. Attribute the review to Halliday Wine Companion and the member of the tasting panel who reviewed the wine, in this format:

Halliday Wine Companion, Jeni Port

2. James Halliday must not be named against the review if he did not taste the wine

3. You must also include a link to www.winecompanion.com.au

If you use Content otherwise than in accordance with this license, we are entitled to terminate the license forthwith on notice to you, and on receiving such notice you must immediately remove all references and links to the Content from your sales and promotional material forthwith. You will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund of any license fees in the event that we terminate this license for non-compliance.

We reserve the right to monitor your usage of Content to ensure usage is in line with brand guidelines provided to you on subscribing/renewing your membership.

Upon termination of your Winery, Distributor or Retailer subscription you must remove all references to Content from Halliday Wine Companion within 30 days from your marketing material, including online material on your website as well any physical material, including but not limited to flyers, brochures, handouts, and posters

If your retailer membership includes  access to the ratings API (application program interface) the following conditions apply:
Access to the ratings API is only available to Retailers with a valid unlimited usage license. If a Retailer changes usage level the API access will automatically be terminated.
API access will not be available for a 4-week period after the Halliday Wine Companion Awards Launch (other than to key Launch partners).
API access is not transferable and Retailers with access must take all reasonable precautions to protect their API Key from usage by any third party.
Data available through the ratings API cannot be used for the following purposes: 
  • To compare current tastings to past tastings.
  • To compare ratings with any other wine tasting rating system 
  • Ratings cannot be aggregated with other wine tasting rating systems.
  • No data from the ratings API can be published
Data available through the ratings API can be used for the following purposes:
  • Buying and merchandising team to make purchasing decisions.
  • Marketing collateral, (taking into account what cannot be used as set out above).  For example winery reviews (unaltered); tasting notes (unaltered); points; and winery rating.

At all times the Retailer must adhere to the Halliday Wine Companion brand guidelines.