Festive Gift Guide

Wine resources and gadgets

By Halliday Promotion

Got a friend or family member for whom you wouldn’t dream of selecting a specific bottle? Or, perhaps you’re in need of some gifts for stuffing into stockings. The ahead wine tools, accessories and resources are ideal for the oenophile in your life who has everything, or for the one who’d spend hours reading up before choosing their perfect bottle of wine.

Wine tools and accessories 1. Kelvin K2 smart wine thermometer, $69.99 | winesave.com
2. AVINA locking wine bottle stopper, $19.99 | winesave.com
3. 2018 Edition winesave PRO wine preserver, $34.99 | winesave.com

Glassware supplied by Plumm | plumm.com

Halliday memberships 1. Halliday Wine Companion Premium Membership, $79 | Gift here
2. Halliday Wine Companion Vintage Membership (includes the ‘2019 Halliday Wine Companion Guide’), $109 | Gift here

Halliday books 1. ‘2019 Halliday Wine Companion Guide’, $39.99 | hardiegrant.com
2. 2019 Halliday Special Vintage Release Collection (includes the ‘2019 Halliday Wine Companion Guide’, ‘A Life in Wine’ and ‘Varietal Wines’ books), $60 | hardiegrant.com
3. ‘James Halliday's Wine Atlas of Australia’, $79.99 | hardiegrant.com

Glassware supplied by Plumm | plumm.com