2022 Varietal Winners

Top Rated: Fortified

By The Tasting Team
Extraordinary age and distinctive varietal composition make Australia’s top fortifieds unique in the world. Tawny, muscat and topaque/muscadelle are all fully deserving of top rankings in our short list of heroes again this year. They hold their status among the greatest wines of all, and for everything they represent, they are arguably the best value too.

The showdown for Fortified of the Year was between the Barossa and Rutherglen. While Rutherglen muscat and topaque/muscadelle rightly dominate our best-of line-up, there is no contender anywhere on the planet for Seppeltsfield’s mighty 100 Year Old. Discover our Fortified Wine of the Year below.

1921 Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Para Vintage Tawny 1921

fortified varietal winner
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The first rule of tasting ASE Museum Muscat is, don't spit. Ever! The second rule is to sit back and drink it all in, figuratively and literally. That perfume, so ethereal, aromatic and lasting. The flavour that stays with you, the concentrated intensity of old and mature age parcels of wine and the brightness of youth come together in treacle, soused raisins, dried fig, butterscotch toffee, honey drizzled sticky pudding and nutty nougat. The blender's hand is foremost in the use of neutral fortifying spirit to bring everything to a wonderful culmination that lights the senses. 500ml. – Jeni Port

*This is an edited extract from the 2022 Halliday Wine Companion, with reviews by Jane Faulkner, James Halliday, Erin Larkin, Tony Love, Ned Goodwin MW, Jeni Port and chief editor Tyson Stelzer.

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