The Best of the Best: 2020 Varietal Winners

2020 Shiraz Viognier Varietal Winners

2 Aug, 2019

The blend shiraz viognier is increasingly recognised and enjoyed in Australia, with more producers including it among their collection. A small dash of the aromatic white grape variety viognier to shiraz deepens its colour and lifts the red fruit and floral characteristics. The Yarra Valley has excelled this year with a 99-point example.

James Halliday on the 2020 Shiraz Viogner Varietal Winners

“Shiraz viognier is now an accepted wine in its own right. The malleability of shiraz in the context of climate and terroir in no way diminished by the inclusion of 5% (plus or minus) of co-fermented viognier. This group may be small, but it represents the output of five of Australia’s best winemakers.”

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