How to use our search function

There are a variety of ways you can explore Wine Companion and enjoy the many tasting notes, articles and resources available. Here is our guide to navigating your way around.


If you’re out and about, perhaps at your local, and want to find tasting notes or information about a specific wine, use the key word search location in the top menu across the site. Simply find and click the magnifying glass icon:

Wine search

Type in the wine name, e.g. Yarra Yering Carrodus Shiraz and hit enter, or the ‘next’ key on your phone’s keyboard. You’ll land on a results page showing you the available tasting note and any other relevant information such as winery or articles.

If you’re just after a selection of tasting notes of a particular varietal, from specific regions or various other parameters, select the ‘Tasting Notes’ menu item.

You now have a variety of filters to set to narrow down on your favourite wines.

Wine search


Are you on the road, looking for a fine Cellar Door to drop into for lunch or pick up a few bottles for your home cellar? Click on ‘Wineries’ and you can filter by State and Region to narrow down on your location.

You can also search for a specific winery by selecting magnifying glass icon at the top of the page across the site and typing in the winery name directly.

Articles and Resources:

Wine Companion is a great source to keep up to date with the all the latest news, features and tips. You can use the Article and Resources menu options to browse various topics, but if you’re interested in, for example, cellaring - typing that into the keyword search bar at the top of the page will take you to all the relevant cellaring articles available on Wine Companion.