Get to know Coteaux-du-Vendômois

By J'aime Cardillo

17 Sep, 2023

Coteaux-du-Vendômois is a relatively small and lesser-known appellation located in the Loir-et-Cher department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. Get to know the appellation and some key wines to try.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine appellation in France's Loire Valley. It was named after Vendôme – a historic town located in the Loir-et-Cher department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. 

The Coteaux-du-Vendômois appellation is located north of Touraine and includes a specific geographic area where vineyards are situated and where grapes are grown to produce wines under the Coteaux-du-Vendômois AOC designation. So, what exactly is an AOC?

The term AOC refers to the quality certification and labelling system, or set of standards, used to regulate and guarantee the quality of wines in France. There are 363 AOC rules that guide the production of produce – including wine, spirits and products like cheese, olive oil and meat – in France. The guidelines even detail the varieties that can be used in the production of wine.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois producers

Coteaux-du-Vendômois wines

Red wine production

Pineau d'Aunis (aka chenin noir) is a thin-skinned red grape and is the primary varietal used in red wine production in the Coteaux-du-Vendômois. Wines produced from pineau d'Aunis are usually light-to-medium bodied with vibrant acidity and tasting characteristics of spice and pepper.

Rosé wine production

Coteaux-du-Vendômois rosé wines can made from pineau d'Aunis, gamay, and cabernet franc. They are versatile, fresh and fruity with upfront red fruit flavours and floral notes.

White wine production

White wines in Coteaux-du-Vendômois are typically produced from the chenin blanc grape. The chenin grape can produce still and sparkling wines from dry to off-dry right through to sweet and dessert wines. Crisp and driven by acidity, Coteaux-du-Vendômois white wines often have notes of green apple, pear, citrus, and sometimes honey, mineral and floral characters.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois terroir, vineyards and climate

The vineyards in Coteaux-du-Vendômois sit on tuffeau, a pourous limestone soil local to the Loire Valley which has a chalky, fine-grained texture, and can impart mineral characteristics on the wines. The steep hillsides are influenced by the Loir River, which acts as a thermal regulator, as do the valleys from the rolling hills.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois wines

Coteaux-du-Vendômois wines to try

Coteaux-du-Vendômois Cave du Vendômois Montagne Blanche 2020 Rouge

Cabernet, pineau d’Aunis, pinot noir
Notes of cardamom, blackberry, cinnamon and black pepper.
Food pairing suggestion: Roast chicken.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois Domaine du Four à Chaux Tradition 2022 Rouge

Pineau d’Aunis, cabernet franc, pinot noir
Aromas of black fruits and licorice with notes of violet, blackcurrant and spices.
Food pairing suggestion: Comté cheese or a t-bone steak on the grill.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois Domaine Colin Vieilles Vignes 2022 Blanc

Chenin blanc
An old-vine wine with rich notes of baked apple and a mineral and creamy palate.
Food pairing suggestion: A cheese board with all the trimmings.

Coteaux-du-Vendômois Domaine Martellière Cuvée Balzac 2022 Rouge

Pineau d’Aunis, gamay, pinot noir
Food pairing suggestion: Roast pork (with crackling) and your favourite vegetables.