How to support Ukraine's winemakers

By J'aime Cardillo

30 Sep, 2022

Sign up to the Wines of Ukraine online course to help raise funds for wineries affected by the war.

If you're looking to support Ukraine and simultaneously learn about the country's wines, wineries and regions, the Ukrainian School of Wine Vitis.Pro has put together an online lecture series – Wines of Ukraine – to raise money for affected winemakers.

The online course costs €30 (or $45 AUD), with all funds being donated to Ukrainian winemakers.

Across 10 sessions, you'll learn about the country's wine history, key varieties and regions, and the geography and climate. The course is perfect for wine lovers looking to expand their knowledge of wine grown and produced in Ukraine.

It's been more than 200 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Before the war, Ukraine produced one million hectoliters of wine. Ukraine is home to 40,000ha of vineyards and 100 wineries. Of them there are large producers who bottle 20 million wines a year (Koblevo and Shabo), along with smaller wineries who make 10,000 bottles, and boutique producers who make a few thousand wines each year.

Since the war began, Russian troops have destroyed the bottle production factory in Hostomel, wineries outside of the war zone have been damaged by rocket shellings, workers have been called to serve on the front lines, and logistic chain issues continue to cause delays. The money raised from the Wines of Ukraine course will help winemakers get back on their feet.

To sign up for the Wines of Ukraine course, visit