Vintec's five pillars of wine storage

By Halliday Promotion

7 May, 2023

Vintec is recreating the conditions found in the world’s best underground cellars with its range of wine storage solutions.

Whether you’re just getting started or already an avid collector, there’s a cardinal rule when it comes to cellaring: ensure the climate is controlled. It’s not just temperature that’s important. You also need to ensure there’s adequate humidity, proper airflow, protection from sunlight and no damaging vibrations.

Vintec is the leading specialist in climate-controlled wine storage solutions. Each wine cabinet is engineered to ensure the ideal conditions for cellaring and serving wines. The Scandinavian designs can be built into your kitchen or seamlessly integrated into your living room or study. Trusted by wine lovers and professionals, each wine cabinet is designed and built around Vintec’s five pillars of wine storage:

Vintec underbench cabinet

Stable temperature

Vintec wine cabinets are designed to maintain a constant temperature to preserve your wines, keeping them at their best and allowing them to mature steadily.
Key features: Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)^, insulated side panels, double/triple glazed doors, dedicated CE cellaring mode (12 degrees celsius)^.

Humidity above 50 per cent

Vintec wine cabinets are expertly designed with a self-regulating humidity feature and specially regulated air circulation to maintain high hygrometry levels (above 50 per cent) to preserve corks and prevent wine from oxidising while cellaring.

UV-Proof Dark Storage Area

Vintec wine cabinets are designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine.
Key features: UV-resistant tinted and insulated glass doors, dark interior, double/triple glazed doors, UV-free LED lighting.

Vibration-proof environment

Vintec wine cabinets are designed to keep all moving parts in suspension – absorbing and reducing vibrations to a minimum – so that your wines are stored in a protected environment where they can mature steadily.
Key features: Low-vibration variable speed compressor^, vibration-absorbing sliding shelf rails, vibration-absorbing oak wooden shelves.

Quality airflow

Vintec wine cabinets are equipped with an efficient air circulation system to ensure a constant, slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating wine and prevent mould from growing and damaging labels and corks.

Vintec wine cabinet styled in a kitchen

Three products to try: 

Vintec 50-bottle single-zone black glass wine cabinet 

VWS050SBB | RRP $2699
Ideal for those starting their collection, the underbench 50-bottle single-zone wine cabinet can be set to serve white or red wines at optimal drinking temperatures or controlled for cellaring wines.* 

Vintec 50-bottle dual-zone black glass wine cabinet 

VWD050SBB | RRP $3199
With the 50-bottle dual-zone wine cabinet, you can store your sparkling, whites and reds in the one place (and at their best drinking temperatures). For sparkling and white wine, set the temperature between 6–13 degrees celsius, and for reds between 14–18 degrees celsius. You can also keep one or both zones at the recommended cellaring temperature of 12 degrees celsius to mature your wine.* 

Premium 180-bottle wine cabinet with telescopic shelves 

VWM306PBA | RRP $9999
The 180-bottle premium wine cabinet is a versatile unit that can be set as a single-zone for cellaring reds and whites, or set to multi-temperature for serving several varietals. Suitable for collectors, the 180-bottle unit allows you to showcase your entire collection with the extendable, wide-slat, white oak shelving. The Vintec Perfect Cradle Shelving is designed with ideal spacing between shelves to accommodate all 750ml bottles (even your favourite Champagne and magnums can be stored without scratching the labels!).*
^Premium range only.
*Capacity is based on 750ml Bordeaux bottle shape and size.

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