Iain Riggs to step down from Brokenwood

After almost 40 years, Brokenwood's Iain Riggs is set to step down from his long-time roles as managing director and chief winemaker of the iconic Hunter Valley winery.   

Brokenwood in the Hunter Valley has announced that its long-serving managing director and chief winemaker Iain Riggs will step down at the end of June. Iain has been at Brokenwood since the mid-1980s, playing an integral role not only at the winery and in the NSW region, but also across the wider industry as a judge, leader and mentor. Iain will remain on as a director and consultant to the winery. 

James Halliday, who co-founded Brokenwood in 1970, says the news of Iain Riggs’s retirement marks the end of an era. “Iain has guided Brokenwood from an indulgent hobby to a potent business,” James says. “He has grown with the task over the past 37 years as he has also made a lasting contribution to the broader Australian wine community. He has led by example, balancing all that is enjoyable in wine with a clear business vision. The countless scores of young winemakers who have experienced their first vintage at Brokenwood have left happier and wiser – and learned a thing or two about making great wine.”

James Halliday will focus on Iain Riggs and Brokenwood in his column in The Weekend Australian on May 30.