Halliday Wine Club: November wines

By J'aime Cardillo

19 Nov, 2023

Halliday Wine Club has expanded. Our specialised wine subscription service now offers three tiers to suit your wine drinking and collecting needs.

At Halliday Wine Companion it is our mission to ensure you never drink a bad bottle of wine again. We have designed Halliday Wine Club – a specialised wine subscription service – to help make sure you're drinking the very best wines Australia has to offer.

We are thrilled to announce that Halliday Wine Club has expanded into a three-tier program, so that no matter where you are on your wine journey, there's a stream to best suit.

Read on to find out which wines our Explorers, Enthusiasts and Collectors received this month.

Explorer membership

The Explorer membership includes two Halliday-rated wines delivered to your door each month. Explorers will receive two highly recommended silver or gold medal wines that are perfect for everyday drinking. $89 per month.

Campbell Mattinson on the Explorer wines for November: There has been a collective pursuit of pinot noir excellence over the past couple of decades and it has now resulted in an annual treasure trove of pinot noir delights. It’s an incredibly difficult grape variety to grow well; this abundance should not be taken for granted. Stoney Rise, in Tasmania, has been one of the key drivers of this pinot noir push, and its 2022 version is the perfect case in point.

The history of malbec in Australia is that it’s almost always blended, especially with cabernet sauvignon. Malbec in Australia is also most commonly grown in South Australia. For these reasons it’s both unusual, and a particular joy, to see such a successful wine as Warramunda Estate’s Liv Zak Malbec 2021 pop up...The quality of this wine is something of a freak.

Enthusiast membership

The Enthusiast membership has been designed for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs looking to expand their palate. Enthusiasts will receive two wines each month. The wines will always be from 5-star wineries, and will have been scored 95 points or higher by the Tasting Team. $139 per month.

Campbell Mattinson on the Enthusiast wines for November: In some ways the two wines for this month couldn’t be more different – one is a delicate white wine, the other a rich, dark, brooding red – but they have one thing in common: they are both immensely cellarworthy. What is noticeable about both these wines is that they have the balance to drink well early, and the structure to cellar well, but they also have that extra something, that 'presence in the mouth'.

Collector membership

The Collector membership is for those who want to taste the pinnacle of Australian wine. The Collector tier has been tailored for oenophiles and (as the name suggests) collectors of wine. Each month members will receive two bottles delivered to their door. The wines will always be from 5-star wineries, and every wine will be rated outstanding or exceptional (95+). $300–400 per month (spaces are limited).

Campbell Mattinson on the Collector wines for November: It’s hard to imagine where fine Australian wine would be without Leeuwin Estate's Art Series Chardonnay, on the one hand, and the Hickinbotham Clarendon Vineyard Cabernet Shiraz blend on the other. Both are beacons, references and benchmarks for all the fine wine that we produce, and have been for decades now. Both wines are as collectable as they come.

Join Halliday Wine Club to receive two bottles delivered to your door each month. The subscriptions are $89/$139/$300–400 per month (depending on your tier) and you can skip, pause or cancel at any time.