Grand Cru: wine storage at its most stylish

By Halliday Promotion

26 Jul, 2021

Functional and fashionable, Grand Cru wine fridges are made by, and for, wine collectors with sights set on honouring the work of winemakers in both look and longevity.

Wine fridges are fast becoming a must-have appliance for wine connoisseurs. They’re an easy-access, aesthetically rich storage option, solely built to keep wine in just the right conditions – including optimal temperature and humidity levels, and at preferred low light and vibration settings.

Grand Cru black matte wine fridgeIn the 10 years since it was founded, Grand Cru has been committed to offering its customers appliances that are both elegant and reliably functional. Its wine fridges are lavish and impressive, designed to house wine bottles of all shapes and sizes with a chic, modern look.

Most importantly, they’re designed to ensure the wine is kept in the conditions the winemakers intended. Grand Cru fridges cater specifically for cellaring all of your individual wines, whether that be for long-term maturation or optimal serving temperature. By using a wine fridge, the aromas and flavours are protected from the effects of serving straight from the fridge, and its freshness is protected from overly warm atmospheres outside of cold storage.

In addition to sleek, functional and forward-thinking products, Grand Cru is first and foremost committed to seeing the customer’s needs met. “If we don’t have it, we will recommend where to go,” says founder Matthew Gerard. “It’s a genuine care [for us that] clients have the best fridge for their lifestyle.”

Grand Cru alpine white wine fridgeGrand Cru is a direct-to-consumer seller promising a personalised customer journey. As wine lovers themselves, the team at Grand Cru has built fridges that ensure your wines age properly. Additionally, with aesthetically pleasing design and accessibility measures, achieved through easy glide telescopic shelving, the group guarantees that no wine collection goes unnoticed or, unless desired, unused. On top of the five-year warranty it offers on its line of wine fridges, its website also offers a range of accessories – from Coravin bottle openers and Vinturi aerators to glassware and serving sets.

Adding to its existing stainless steel and slick black matte looks, Grand Cru has this year unveiled its new range of minimalistic alpine white fridges destined to add an iconic edge to the kitchen, without sacrificing the company’s fundamental dedication to wine care. All wine fridges are built with intuitive temperature control, dual zones, and at different sizes to suit every kind of collector. The variety of looks and sizes is evidence that Grand Cru understands that the modern kitchen is complex and ever-shifting, and those demands are being consciously – and impeccably – met.

Grand Cru black matte wine fridge
After a decade in the industry, Grand Cru has become a bastion for the collection and preservation of wine – determined to help wine lovers keep their collection thriving through functionality and transformative design sense. To explore their range of products and find out about the brand, head to

This article was produced in partnership with Grand Cru.