Grand Cru Wine Fridges

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22 Nov, 2022

Whether you're looking to store 50 bottles or 350 bottles, Grand Cru offers a storage solution for all wine lovers.

Grand Cru Wine Fridges, named after the world's premier appellation, offer the largest range of wine cabinets and fridges in Australia. Grand Cru has a model to suit everyone, from the wine enthusiast right through to the sommelier. Each wine fridge is designed in line with the latest design and colour trends (think luxe black or sleek white paired with timber finishes), and each includes the Telescopic Shelving System – smooth glide shelves, for easy and safe access to your wine.

Grand Cru Founder Matthew Gerard says, if you're looking for a wine cabinet, you must consider: 

How many bottles do you need to store?
Are you looking for a smaller (50 bottle) storage solution? Or perhaps slightly more (50–200 bottles), or maybe you have more than 200 bottles to cellar? Rest assured there's a wine cabinet to suit your needs.

Zones (single or dual?)
Are you storing sparkling, white and red, and therefore do you need both fridge and cellar conditions? Grand Cru offer single and dual zone options.

Size and space
Under the bench installation is available, along with full length fridges if height isn't a limitation.

Fridge to glass
Are you serving your wine directly from the fridge? While you can set your fridge to service at the correct temperature, the fridges can also be used for cellaring purposes.

Finally, the colour
Stainless steel? Sleek black? Sharp white?

Get to know some of the Grand Cru wine storage solutions below:

Grand Cru Black & Timber 46DBT

Grand Cru Black & Timber 46DBT

The 46DBT is a dual-zone wine cabinet complete with a double-glazed tempered smoked glass door, six natural timber shelf trims and a modern black finish. This model has a vibration-free compressor, regulated humidity control and is ideal for under bench installations.

Capacity: 46 bottles (750 ml Bordeaux style)
Dual temperatures: 5–12°C and 12–22°C

RRP $2499 | Buy now

Grand Cru Alpine White & Timber 166DWT

Grand Cru Alpine White & Timber 166DWT

The Alpine White and Timber 166DWT offers a capacity of over 150 bottles. With a dual temperature zone this wine storage solution is ideal for cellaring and serving. The double-glazed tempered smoked glass door features an integrated handle. Inside, there are 13 telescopic black powder coated wire shelves finished with natural a timber trim, a vibration-free compressor, and an in-cabinet touch pad control with white LED display.

Capacity: 166 bottles (750 ml Bordeaux style)
Dual temperatures: 5–12°C and 12–22°C

RRP $3699 | Buy now

Grand Cru Label View 143SBLV

Grand Cru Label View 143SBLV

The Label View is a single-zone wine cabinet that is perfect for collectors who want to see their wines. The patented shelves position the wine bottles parallel to the fridge window, and are 80 per cent telescopic sliding so you can view and access all your wines with ease (even the bottles at the back!). The door is black and rimless with a full length integrated handle, the glass is double-glazed and tempered. Inside there is a vibration free Embraco compressor, an active charcoal filter, and a black louvre with integrated security lock. Ideal for built-in or freestanding installations.

Capacity: 143 bottles (750 ml all styles)
Single zone temperature: 5–22°C

RRP $4699 | Buy now

Grand Cru Black & Timber 366DBT

Grand Cru Black & Timber 366DBT

The Black and Timber 366DBT is the ideal cabinet for wine aficionados who are looking for the best cellaring solution for their collection. With a capacity of more than 350 bottles, and a dual zone temperature, this cabinet is ideal for in-built installations. The door is reversible and inside there are 30 telescopic, black powder coated wire shelves finished with timber trim, along with two display shelves. The cabinet is complete with an active charcoal filter, regulated humidity control, and a vibration-free compressor.

Capacity: 366 bottles (750 ml Bordeaux style)
Dual temperatures: 5–22°C

RRP $8199 | Buy now

If you're still not sure – take Grand Cru's short Wine Fridge Finder quiz.

All Grand Cru wine fridges come with a five-year warranty. 

For more information visit For expert advice, get in touch with Grand Cru's Matthew Gerard on 0418 377 289 or via email