Cimicky Winery releases no-alcohol wines

By Halliday Promotion

The Barossa Valley’s Cimicky Winery has joined the rapidly growing no-alcohol movement with two new reds in its Cimicky Zero range.

Using traditional winemaking techniques and the latest in dealcoholisation technology, the award-winning team at Cimicky Winery has launched two new no-alcohol wines in the Cimicky Zero range. 

Comprising the Cimicky Zero Still Shiraz and Cimicky Zero Sparkling Shiraz, the new duo of wines has been created to express the same great flavours and complexity as wines that contain alcohol.

The team is thrilled they can combine the art of winemaking in this way with dealcoholisation technology to create a product that is available to even more people. “They have all the good stuff of wine, but without alcohol and no added sugar,” says Laurie Bilby of Cimicky Winery. 

The wines have gone through an ageing process like regular wine, which has intensified their flavours, and the alcohol is removed just before the wine is bottled. They join the wider range of traditional Barossa Valley wines in the Cimicky portfolio, including shiraz, durif, cabernet sauvignon and more. 

Cimicky Winery comes with a long history. The property was established in 1842, and Karl Cimicky acquired the site in 1970, later building the striking Tuscan-style winery. Their wines have even been served at Buckingham Palace for a special event. 

Now with winemaker Sam Kurtz at the winemaking helm and the reopening of their Barossa cellar door, Cimicky Winery is entering its next stage with these two new products, which join the rapidly growing low- and no-alcohol segment of the market.  

Cimicky Zero Still
Cimicky Zero Still, <0.1% alc. $14.99 
"A confluence of traditional winemaking and patented alcohol-removal technology with no added sugar, this is a way to have your cake and eat it too! The lack of alcohol confers a fruitier, less viscous mouthfeel than otherwise. Loads of root spiced black and red fruits with an element of sangria. Woodsy, gently smoky and pulpy, too, akin to extremely ripe grapes being crushed in the mouth as their flavours slip long." Ned Goodwin, MW  

Cimicky Zero Sparkling
Cimicky Zero Sparkling, <0.1% alc. $14.99  
"Inky colour with a joyous, frothy bead, dispersing raspberry bon bon, rosewater, licorice, orange zest and blackberry notes across a full-weighted palate. While the dealcoholising techniques detract from the wine’s viscosity, they accentuate its bumptious fruit profile and flavour intensity to make this a true crowd pleaser." Ned Goodwin, MW

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