Halliday podcast episode 10 out now

By Thomas Carr

6 Sep, 2021

Our new podcast By the Glass takes wine talk back to basics, from how to taste and describe it, to how to pair it to your favourite dishes.

This week marks the release of episode 10 of the new Halliday Wine Companion podcast, By the Glass, as we sit down with Giles Cooke from Thistledown Wines, for an all-out conversation on grenache. 

By the Glass is a weekly conversation over a glass of the guest’s chosen wine. Hosted by team member Thomas Carr, each Friday we tackle an area of interest, from varietal and regional spotlights to winemaking techniques, in a palatable and informative, yet casual manner. While many of us enjoy wine, not all of us feel confident talking about it. So, this is our chance to ask whatever we like, while shaking off the palaver commonly associated with all things wine.

In the first 10 episodes, we talk to a wide range of familiar faces, including sommelier Penny Vine of Melbourne's Cutler & Co, who gives us a well-rounded introduction into the wonderful world of wine, and riesling producer Belinda Hughes of RieslingFreak for a deep dive into this variety.  

Melbourne sommelier Penny Vine
Sommelier Penny Vine at Melbourne institution Cutler & Co.

We also talk to wine authority Erin Larkin, who lifts the lid on life as a Halliday taster and shares her hot tips on how to taste like a pro. Fellow Halliday tasting team member Jeni Port also features in an episode, giving us the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes at the 2022 awards judging.   
Yarra Yering winemaker Sarah Crowe
Sarah Crowe among the vines at Yarra Yering.

Also included among the episodes are winemaker Sarah Crowe of Winery of the Year Yarra Yering, who digs the dirt on their newly crowned Wine of the Year, as well as winemaker Barnaby Flanders from Garagiste on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, with his insights on the beauty of single-vineyard wines. 

So, pour yourself a glass and join the conversation. Stream us wherever you get your podcasts – simply search ‘Halliday Wine Companion’. And for any thoughts on the series, or suggestions for future episodes, let us know