The perfect Christmas gifts from Boyd & Co

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15 Nov, 2022

Here are six gift options, ranging in price from $19.95 to $425, for the wine lover in your life.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life? From the casual drinker to the complete oenophile, Boyd and Co has you covered.

Garry and Nerida – Boyd and Co owners and self-proclaimed wine enthusiasts – have been wine accessory specialists for more than 20 years. They have spent the past two decades curating a wide range of high-quality wine tools.

We asked Garry and Nerida to share their highlights from the range to inspire you this gift-giving season. And with 20-50% off all stock until Monday November 28th 11:59pm, there's no better time to start the celebrations. 

Corkpops Legacy

Corkpops Legacy

Remove a wine cork with ease thanks to the Corkpops Legacy; never break another cork!

Remove the foil around the bottle using the built-in cutter, insert the needle through the cork, press once and the cork will safely pop out. The rubber grip means opening a bottle of wine with ease, and the sleek black look lets you do so in style.

The ideal gift for: Any and all wine drinkers.

RRP $79.95 (black), $89.95 (copper) | Buy now

Zzysh Wine Preserver

Zzysh Wine Preserver

Preserve open bottles of wine for up to two weeks using the Zzysh Wine Preserver.

Using innovative technology, the Zzysh Argon Wine Preserver injects safe argon gas into the bottle to protect the wine from oxygen, saving the open wine's aroma, flavour, colour and quality for up to two weeks.

The ideal gift for: The wine drinker who wants to enjoy a glass (or two) and save the rest for another day.

RRP $199.95, also available for Champagne | Buy now

Descorjet Champagne Opener

Descorjet Champagne Opener

Enjoy the 'pop' of Champagne without the anxiety of a traditional opening.

Simply remove the foil and cage, place the opener over the cork, push down onto the neck of the bottle and squeeze the handle to extract the cork.

The ideal gift for: Your friend who loves Champagne.

RRP $99.95 | Buy now



Aerate your wine with the VinOair.

Conveniently it is both a wine aerator and non-drop-pourer in one. It features leading venturi aerators to fully oxygenate your wine and unlock premium flavours and aromas.

The ideal gift for: Wine lovers (and your parents).

RRP $39.95 | Buy now | Also available in Premier, RRP $69.95

WAF Brevetti Champagne Stopper

WAF Brevetti Champagne Stopper

Save your Champagne for weeks!

Give the gift of a Champagne stopper that actually works. The WAF patented stopper seals your Champagne perfectly using its CO² to expand the internal valve.

The ideal gift for: Champagne lovers.

RRP $19.95 | Buy now | Also available, Hello Bubbles Bar Towel $16.95

Sabrage: Saber in wooden box

Sabrage: Saber in wooden box

The Champagne saber is a ceremonial sword used for sabrage: the art of opening a Champagne bottle. Sabrage is a tradition that started in the late 1700s.

Sabrage is a particular technique for opening Champagne bottles with a saber. The saber is slid along the neck of the bottle to hit the lip of the neck to break the glass (separating the neck from the bottle collar).

The ideal gift for: The Champagne lover who has everything.

RRP $425 | Buy now

Boyd and Co is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Corkpops and the wine preserving brand, Zzysh.

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