The best low (and no) alcoholic wines

By Nola James

13 Sep, 2023

Looking for a lighter alternative? Try these six low or no options.

Looking for a non-alcoholic wine alternative? There is a plethora of options on the market these days, from de-alcoholised wine to 100 per cent alcohol-free options. There are even ‘mid-strength’ wines now, if you only want to play it a little light. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered with this list, which is ordered from zero up. 

Bottles of NONNON's salted raspberry and chamomile, toasted cinnamon and yuzus, and stewed cherry and coffee wine alternatives.


Various, RRP $30, 0.0% alc
How can a non-alcohol wine alternative cost the same as an actual bottle of wine? The answer lies in the effort. Aaron Trottman and William Wade, founder and maker of NON, respectively, don’t cut corners: the fruit is real, each batch is handmade and there are no synthetic ingredients. They’re available in seven flavours ranging from the umami laden roast beetroot and sansho (NON4) to a sprightly lemon marmalade and hibiscus (NON5).

NV Grant Burge Prosecco Zero

South Australia, RRP $20, 0.0%
This is straight up de-alcoholised version of Grant Burge’s reliable South Australian prosecco, meaning it started out as a regular wine but has had much of its alcohol removed. Prosecco lends itself well to de-alcoholisation because it’s (usually) already fruit-forward and light in body. This is kinda fruity, a little floral and nicely dry. 

2021 Plus & Minus Premium Rosé

Adelaide Hills, RRP $25, 0.0% alc
Plus & Minus is the product of Fourth Wave Wine, a SA-based company with a rep for sustainable vineyard management and lightweight packaging. Winemaker Corey Ryan does a good job, alcohol or not. This rosé gets a boost from the addition of grape skin extract, a perfectly natural process that’s definitely not low-fi winemaking approved, but it has a place here. 

Giesen Zero Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough NZ, RRP $18, 0.5%
Giesen’s full strength sauv blanc smells of gooseberries and passionfruit tastes of fresh lime and lemon shortbread with a crisp, dry finish. So does its alcohol-removed version, which goes some way to explain why it’s the number one selling alcohol-free wine in the world. If you’re not chasing complete sobriety, there’s a 6.0% alc ‘Pure Light’ option, too.

2021 Pepperjack Mid-Strength Shiraz

Barossa, RRP $25, 7.0% alc
Aimed straight at the older male crowd (it was launched with a Father’s Day campaign), Pepperjack’s first ‘mid-strength’ red promises all the big fruit flavour of Barossa shiraz with half the booze. Given parent company Treasury Wine Estates’ plans to invest in a state-of-the art low alcohol production facility, this won’t be the end of the line. 

Tread Softly Grenache

South Australia, RRP $16, 10.8% alc
The Tread Softly range is naturally lower in alcohol, meaning that its ABV is the result of early picking and shorter ferments. Like Plus & Minus above, this environmentally focused brand is also owned by Fourth Wave. Some varietals are more successful than others – this grenache still has a lot of guts for a 10.8% wine, but the pinot noir is one for the fans. 

Image credit: NON.