From the tasting team

Watch the panel in action

3 Aug, 2021

When the Halliday Wine Companion tasting team met earlier this year to judge the best wines of the year, we captured them on film to discuss the process and hear how it all came together. Watch them in action here.       

Not too long ago, the Halliday Wine Companion tasting team came together for three days of judging to determine the winners of this year's awards. Incredibly, the timing allowed for all seven members of the team, who live in various states, to travel to Melbourne for the big event. 

There, they tasted through the wines they had each nominated as the best from their respective regions, and together they discussed – and debated – Australia's finest producers. While deciding on the winners, this process also drew a ring around the nation's best operators, which this year were released in the shortlists.  

While these tastings were in motion, the team was captured on film to share their perspectives – not only on how they found this inaugural judging process, but also on the discussions it inspired, the quality of wine it revealed, and how they found the months of tastings that went into the creation of the coming 2022 Halliday Wine Companion.  

Ahead of the awards on Thursday, August 12 – don't miss our broadcast presentation that will be screened online that night – and the release of the Companion next Friday, August 13, see what they had to say.